In 1960, seven years before this movie was released, (Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, 1967), a black economics student named Barack Obama and a white anthropology student named Ann Dunham met, fell in love, and got married. Like the characters of John and Joey in this movie, Barack and Ann were an interracial couple who met at the University of Hawaii during an era when interracial relationships and marriages were still taboos or even illegal in many parts of the country. In 2008, the child that Barack and Ann Obama had together did indeed become President of the United States.

'Cause you'd be oh, so easy to love…

Natalie Wood, photographed by Ernst Haas.

Films Watched in 2014 - #122. On an Island with You (1948)

Negatives of Audrey Hepburn photographed by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1958

Who was the most babest person of old hollyworld, in your opinion?

I’d probably say Cary Grant or Paul Newman, just because they are obviously beautiful and had the charisma to go with it. BUT I’d also add Gregory Peck, William Holden, Rock Hudson, and Robert Redford! AND GENE KELLY AND MONTGOMERY CLIFT…there’s more ofc but they’d be at the top of my list.

I can’t even begin to narrow it down on the ladies, all of them were babes!!


John explaining the concepts of birthdays and the sun to Sean, 1979.

“You have to be each number for a whole year, and a year is three hundred and sixty five days. That’s how long a year is, three hundred and sixty five days.”
“Oh. Well. I love you.”
“I love you too, sweetheart.” 

Lana Turner & John Garfield in The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

Films Watched in 2014 - #121. Family Plot (1976)

Some Like It Hot (1958)


James Garner


Brief Encounter (1945)

I had no thoughts at all, only an overwhelming desire not to feel anything ever again.